Obama for peace?

I think awarding the Nobel peace prize to Obama is a scandal. He’s a nice guy, sure, but how much PEACE has he actually MADE??? Nada so far. Nothing. I’m sure he WILL do lot’s of nice things, but couldn’t he get the price after he’s done them? But, according to the Chairman of the prize Commitee: In 2-3 years it may be TOO LATE.

But with all due respect: he has done some things:

1. He’s a nice guy (at least we here in Norway think so).

2. He is not George Bush. That’s nice (at least we here in Norway think so).

3. He’s the first  black guy to become president of the US. That’s very nice (at least we here in Norway think so)

4. He gave a great speech at UN the other day (at least we think it was nice).

5. He said he wanted the world to be rid of nuclear weapons. That’s very nice (probably many people think so).

6. He wants to send more soldiers to Afghanistan. That’s very nic… oops, perhaps not so nice, but nobody’s perfect.

I think it’s time some other country was given the task of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize. Perhaps a non-western country? One that has’nt been in a war for a long  time? Or perhaps one who has been in a war, so they know something about peace?

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